GTC Dealer Family Sponsors CDL Training For Eligible Employees

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Company sponsored commercial driver’s license training is now available to employees in applicable job roles throughout the GTC Dealer Family.

The ability for technicians to be able to test drive a truck following a repair or for a sales person to be able to operate and test drive our vehicles are invaluable services offered to customers across the dealer family. The challenge of having enough employees with a Class A commercial driver’s license at all 12 locations is something the GTC dealer family is resolving by sponsoring training and test preparation for eligible employees.

Corporate trainer, Clint O’Neil is a qualified Washington State commercial driver trainer and he is now able to conduct classes for Washington employees of the Gordon Truck Centers Dealer Family. During the CDL instruction class the team goes through all aspects of CDL training needed to perform the final test. Students complete pre-trip inspections required by the State of Washington and go on several test drives with Clint.  All students perform the maneuvers of the driving test and repeat the process several times.

“Whether the training is provided in-house at our Ridgefield, Wash. location or through a third party company, we require the training and testing to follow state standards for CDL licensure,” said corporate trainer, Clint O’Neil. “We believe in investing in our employees by providing them opportunities to enhance their skills through practical hands-on experience behind the wheel as well as a thorough knowledge of the rules of the road.”

The Gordon Truck Centers Dealer Family mission is to minimize downtime while providing excellent communication and consistently superior customer service, quality and value across the store network for every customer, every time. The team is committed to keeping customers on the road and part of achieving that goal is supported by building the team with the best employees and ensuring GTC is a premier employer.

About Gordon Truck Centers

Built upon a 30 year history of helping customers satisfy their transportation needs, Gordon Truck Centers, Inc. is an expanded network of dealerships doing business as Freightliner Northwest, Western Star Northwest, and Freightliner of Hawaii. The Dealership Family has 12 locations located off nearly every major highway throughout Washington, Oregon and Hawaii. As a full-service Freightliner, Western Star, Fuso, Wilson Trailer, Reitnouer Aluminum Trailer dealership family, GTC can sell, finance, insure and service commercial trucks for medium and heavy duty applications.