Elite Support Recertification

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Valley Freightliner, Inc. (VFI) locations in Pacific, Mt. Vernon and Olympia Washington have recently completed the Elite Support recertification process marking the fifth certified year for Pacific, WA and Mt. Vernon, and fourth year in Olympia.

The Elite Support program is a commitment to a high standard of consistent customer experience across a network of certified dealers. The Valley Freightliner Dealership Family is committed to taking the necessary steps to certify all locations across our network.

“Elite Support is not just a program, it’s a way of life. It makes us better, stronger, and leaner,” says Jim Swords, Valley Freightliner’s Continuous Improvement Coordinator (CIC). “While the company as a whole promotes Elite Support, our folks in the shops and warehouses who do the work to make sure we achieve recertification are the champions of this initiative.”

Upon completion of a rigorous inspection organized around 127 Elite Support criteria points, facilities are reviewed and given feedback to promote successful initiatives as well as opportunities for improvement (OFI’s). At Valley Freightliner, Inc. we believe increasing our Elite Support performance across our entire family of dealerships is vital to providing superior support for our Pacific Northwest & Hawaiian customers.

Elite Support certification requires a two hour Express Assessment at all certified locations in the network. Express Assessment strives to provide a preliminary diagnosis of the issue within two hours of the customer’s arrival. The Valley Freightliner Dealership Family continues to move above and beyond regulated improvements by increasing paved customer trailer parking from 12 to 28 available spots in Pacific, WA, amenity improvements and upkeep throughout all facilities, thorough organization of parts and service, as well as a dedicated staff committed to continuous improvement of the customer experience.

“A key pillar of Elite Support is continuous improvement, which is championed by a Continuous Improvement Coordinator (CIC) at each dealership,” said Sean Bolan, Branch Manager in Olympia, WA. “Working on Elite Support isn’t something that they do once a year for recertification either. Aside from their normal job duties, the CICs spend considerable time throughout the year, not only helping VFI maintain the higher standard that is expected of Elite Support but also, leading the charge on initiatives to go beyond. These individuals are not satisfied with “that’s the way we have always done it.” It is because of Jim, Brian, and Aaron’s dedication and leadership that Pacific, Mt. Vernon, and Olympia are among the 200 certified dealers in the Elite Support Network.”