Deming Logging Show Cookout

Deming Logging Show Vendor Night Dinner

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Each year since 1963, the Whatcom County community has banded together to support the Deming Logging Show.

A non-profit organization, the Deming Logging Show was established to financially assist injured loggers in Whatcom County. Valley Freightliner has been a proud sponsor for many years.

Each June as summer approaches, we begin prepping customer and stock trucks to proudly display next to our vendor booth at the Deming Logging Show. On the Friday of the show, we gather the trucks, load supplies and head an hour northeast to the small town of Deming.  We spend the day hurrying about, unloading supplies, placing the trucks, setting up tables and tents, hanging signs and laughing with one another. As the long day winds down and the dinner hour approaches, most vendors would barbeque for their crew and relax before the big weekend. 10 years ago, our very own Dennis Andrews saw an opportunity to turn the set up process into something even more. He procured donations from local companies for food, plates, napkins, silverware…the works. The vendor’s role was to then pay it forward and cook up a vast variety of chow. We enjoy serving and bonding with co-workers, volunteers, fellow vendors and customers alike. The dinner has grown immensely (Valley Freightliner’s seafood booth is very popular) and on average, the vendors collectively serve over 1000 people and raise upwards of $5000 by donation each and every year.

The Deming Logging Show is a place where community truly comes together for the sole purpose of supporting those injured in an industry so important to Whatcom County.

We hope to see you next year!

Deming Logging Show Cookout