Introducing Freightliner Northwest’s Pacific, WA Service Manager

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Learn more about Service Manager Conrad Eubanks and take advantage of the opportunity to meet him in person on September 18th, 2019.

Pacific, WA September 2019 – Freightliner Northwest (FNW) selected Conrad Eubanks to lead the Pacific service team beginning in April 2019. Conrad has 17 years of combined service experience between his time at Gordon Trucking, Inc., Valley Freightliner Inc., and now Gordon Truck Centers (GTC). Prior to his Service Manager role Conrad completed a successful assignment as body shop manager at the FNW location in Spokane, Wash.

If you’re interested in meeting him in person, join us for our 2019 Pacific Open House on September 18th, 2019 from 11am – 3pm.

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See what Conrad had to say of his career at Freightliner Northwest during his recent interview!

How did you start in the diesel industry?

I was eager to get into the workforce. I liked working with my hands and fixing things. Bates had a technical high school program involving Diesel and Heavy equipment repair. I was able to complete high school and study Diesel and Heavy equipment repair at the same time. I wanted to be as efficient as I could with my education.

You’ve held several different jobs, from turning wrenches to management. How do you think they have all prepared you for your new role as the Service Manager for FNW – Pacific?

Whether diagnosing a vehicle, or resolving an issue in the office, the basics are the same. Get the complaint, find the cause, and make the correction. Keep it simple.

What advice would you give new techs entering the industry?

Try and keep everything as basic as possible. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Most things are only as complicated as you make them. Take it one bite at a time.

Diesel tech jobs are a growing sector of the employment market, with demand starting to outpace growth. What differences do you see in the average day of a tech now versus when you were first entering the industry?

The training never stops. It’s a lot of work to stay on top of our advancing industry. Online, instructor led, and on the job. The tools, equipment, and technology are constantly changing. Being backed by a dealer such as Freightliner Northwest helps ensure you have access to the latest training and technology.

What makes FNW a unique place to work?

For me it has been the opportunity to move around from shop to shop, yet still feel grounded. No matter where you are you have co-workers on hand when you need some assistance. And you will need some assistance.

What skills do you see as key to techs being successful in your shop?

Ability to adapt to change and continue to learn. There’s no time to coast in this industry. If you slow down on the training, you’re behind.

FNW is an Elite Support dealership. What does that mean for customers and for service employees?

Consistency. Being an Elite Support dealership gives the technicians opportunities to work throughout our dealer family using the same processes. For our customers, it means having the same experience across our dealer family and Elite network of dealers. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch co-workers succeed at multiple locations; and see the same customers being taken care of at multiple locations.

What is the most interesting part of your day?

Networking with other locations both in and out of our dealer family. It’s always interesting to compare best practices with others in our industry. Sometimes the simplest solutions can make the biggest impact.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Conrad as well as view the FNW truck display, vendor booths, and join TeamFNW for lunch at the 2019 Pacific Open House on September 18th, 2019 from 11am – 3pm!

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